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Net Zero Energy: Making a Positive Impact

Twenty years ago, many people were not familiar with the term “sustainability.” Some had heard the word but didn’t know the real meaning. Now we know. “Sustainability” is a catch-all phrase that speaks to many facets of the work we must do to combat climate change.

Building Dialogue

October 28, 2019

Design for human health provides financial returns

Until recently, many companies viewed their workplaces as independent of their core corporate responsibilities and sources of profit. Even when they did see the draw of investing in high-performance offices, companies


December 17, 2018
Forest City

Forest City being sold

Forest City has been a force in Denver for the past two decades. In 1998, the city of Denver named Forest City, now a real estate investment trust, the master developer of the former Stapleton International Airport. “Stapleton is one of the largest urban infill redevelopment projects in U.S. history,” crowed the Cleveland-based Forest City…

Kris Oppermann Stern

August 16, 2018

Solar power is cool

Solar power is cool. Solar panels are so cool, literally and figuratively, they  should be a key component of Denver’s Green Roof ordinance, I believe. The importance of solar was driven home to me recently, as we are in the process of adding solar panels to the roof of our townhome. As part of my…

Kris Oppermann Stern

April 30, 2018

NZE leasing explored at sustainability conference

NZE, or more precisely Net Zero Energy, leasing is the final panel at the Sustainability: Achieving the Next Level conference sponsored by the Colorado Real Estate Journal. You will want to stay for that panel, even if you don’t qualify for the four hours of continuing education credit. The half-day conference, CREJ’s principal Green Building event…

Kris Oppermann Stern

April 18, 2018

Point: Realities of the Denver Green Roof Initiative

Denver has joined North American cities San Francisco and Toronto in enacting a regulatory mandate for green roofs. Green roof incentive programs have been used successfully for years in cities such as Chicago, New York


January 22, 2018

Counterpoint: The color green and being ‘green’

With the passage of the Denver Green Roof Initiative, it has become very clear to me that that those of us in the business of building sustainable cities have some work to do in educating the public about the difference


January 22, 2018

Survey finds Energy Star remains indispensable

In early 2017, the White House’s administration’s budgetary draft recommended the Environmental Protection Agency start “developing legislative options and associated groundwork for transferring ownership and


January 8, 2018

LEED, WELL and Fitwel: Navigating rating systems

Rating systems are the language – the secret code – of sustainability. The right system can serve as a framework for creating spaces that are mindful of their environmental impact and support the health and well-being of the people


December 24, 2017
Green roofs

Green roofs supported by Zeppelin

Green roofs were on developer Kyle Zeppelin’s radar screen long before the initiative to require them on some buildings in Denver surfaced. The green roof initiative was adopted by Denver voters last month by an 8.6 percent margin. It was widely opposed by Denver’s development community, with Zeppelin being the most high-profile exception. “Denver developers…

Kris Oppermann Stern

December 11, 2017