Grants, loans available from CO Division of Housing

The Colorado Division of Housing is part of the Department of Local Affairs and was created by statute in 1970 to improve access for all Coloradans to decent, affordable housing. DOH assists local communities in


May 18, 2018

Life companies aggressively seek multifamily

Life insurance companies continue to show a strong appetite for commercial mortgages as a piece of their investment allocation. In 2017, life insurance companies originated over $61 billion of commercial mortgage


May 17, 2018

Creative financing paves way for social impact

Colorado has an urgent need for permanent supportive housing serving the most vulnerable among us, particularly the homeless. In Denver, no new homeless shelters have been built from the ground up since the


May 13, 2018

Municipalities get creative for affordable housing

A recent Colorado Mesa University poll showed that residents across the state call housing affordability the biggest issue facing their communities. Many Colorado municipalities and counties – rural, mountain,


May 12, 2018

The developer’s dilemma: Preserving the 15-minute community

Threading the needle at 60 miles per hour is a decent metaphor for the increasing challenges of real estate development in the Front Range of Colorado. Bedeviled by labor shortages, materials cost increases, recently


May 11, 2018

Expect construction costs to continue to rise

Remember the days of Zach Morris cell phones, or when you had to do math in your head? The days when Pauly Shore was famous, or back when the Patriots were Super Bowl champs? (Too soon?) Or how about this one, the


March 28, 2018

Real estate investors will benefit from new tax law

Tax sheets

As most investors already know, there are no new restrictions on 1031 exchanges, which is certainly beneficial to all real estate investors. We have selected a couple other changes to discuss below that also are favorable and


February 26, 2018

Why we’re investing in smart technologies for our assets

The use of smart technology is no longer confined to homeowners looking to control temperature or lighting via their smartphones. It has become an essential tool for multifamily property managers and owners who want to offer


February 25, 2018

MPQ to feature new Affordable Housing Spotlight

Poorhouses, also known as poor farms, for paupers were created in Victorian England as the first publicly financed housing. The system came to the United States in the early 19th century as workhouses. Since then, housing for


February 22, 2018

Are boom times leaving quality design behind?

Three years ago, Denver architect Jeff Sheppard dropped a bomb on our civic ego in a Denver Post op-ed titled, "Denver is a great city, so why the bad buildings?" He noted that while the city is "infilling" at a record pace and


February 19, 2018