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Building analytics increase asset functionality

Property management can be a grind. It is challenging to get ahead of the needs of tenants. It’s hard to avoid that distressing feeling that your energy costs are too high each month. There’s also


April 5, 2019

Emerging technologies are changing real estate

It’s not your imagination, advances in real estate technology did stall – for about 10 years – roughly the five years before and after the Great Recession. A number of factors are to blame, not the least of which is that


October 6, 2018

Denver rises to a top 10 market for tech talent

For anyone working with tech companies in metro Denver commercial real estate, it’s been obvious. The tech sector here is booming. Almost every day there’s news of another company opening a Front Range office,


September 21, 2018

Meeting the needs of today’s restaurantgoers

We all love to try new restaurants. Fortunately for those of us in Colorado, we have so many wonderful choices that run the gamut from quick-serve chains to chef-developed concepts with locally sourced menus. There


April 29, 2018

World-class media facility to take center stage in Parker

The campus will enable feature film, television and digital media creators and crews an unfettered data centric production environment in metro Denver. 

Jolene Wollett

September 1, 2017

Pynwheel spinning multifamily fun, efficiency

If you scratch the surface of just about any deal, there is a story behind it. The Rebchook Real Estate Corner looks at the what and who that make the Colorado commercial […]

Kris Oppermann Stern

June 28, 2017
Virtual reality

Virtual reality for commercial space

I entered the commercial real estate Matrix. I donned the virtual reality goggles, and the 2,000-square-foot office that Walkthrough leases with another company in Lower Downtown was replaced by office furniture supplied by one of Walkthrough’s customers, Interior Environments. A virtual, green-lined grid, which reminded me of the Matrix, kept me from walking into the…

Kris Oppermann Stern

April 6, 2017