Downtown’s 1600 Glenarm sells for $131M

Northland Investment Corp. paid $131 million, or $393,393 per unit, for 1600 Glenarm

Jennifer Hayes

July 30, 2018

Eighth-largest apartment developer in U.S. acquires Castle Rock site

Douglas County Property Location: Southeast corner N. Meadows Drive & Elegant Street, also fronts southwest corner Bilberry Street & Viridian Drive, Castle Rock Property Description: Vacant multifamily land, 16.92 d/u per acre Land Size: 12.08 acres Sales Price: $6.13M, or $11.66 psf, or $30,025 per buildable unit Reception No.: 2018042589 Closing Date: 7/13 Grantor: Castle Rock Development Co.…

John Winslow

July 25, 2018

Iconic Investments LLC snags Cherry Creek site for $204 per square foot

Denver County Property Location: Northwest corner of Garfield St & East 2nds Ave. (201 Garfield St.), Denver Property Description: Vacant land, plans for 26 unit, three-story apartment building Land Size: 37,496 sf Sales Price: $7.65M, or $204.00 psf, or $294,231 per buildable unit Reception No: 2018086674 Closing Date: 7/13 Grantor: Newberry Family LLC (Kien Arnold, mgr.), 303-322-0443 Grantee:…

John Winslow

July 24, 2018

Hunt Mortgage provides FHA mortgage for Wheat Ridge project

The loan was provided for the construction of West End 38 Apartments, a mixed-use project on 2.8 acres at the northwest corner of West 38th Avenue and Upham Street in the Town Center neighborhood. 

Jennifer Hayes

July 23, 2018

Bear Valley Park sells for $63 million

San Francisco-based Jackson Square Properties added to its Denver multifamily holdings with its recent acquisition of the Bear Valley Park Apartments.

Jennifer Hayes

July 22, 2018

Minnesota firm acquires 5.23 acres for 209 proposed apartment units

Arapahoe County Property Location: Northwest corner of S. Parker Road & East Fair Ave., Centennial Property Description: Vacant replatted land, plan to build 209 apartment units Land Size: 5.2291 acres Sales Price: $2M, or $8.78 psf, or $9,569 per buildable unit Reception No.: D8062751 Closing Date: 6/26 Grantor: Fellowship Community Church (Douglas Swanberg), 303-699-1110 Grantee: Centennial Leased…

John Winslow

July 19, 2018

Downtown apartment community, parking lot sell for $135.5 million

Denver County Property Location: 1600 & 1405 Glenarm Place, Denver Property Description: 333-unit, 31-story apartment building, 326,411 sf plus 29,814+/- sf of retail space on first floor, total 356,225 sf, YOC 1964, converted to multifamily in 2006, *renovated in 2016 Land Size: 30,902 sf Sales Price: $131M, or $393,393 per unit, or $367.75 psf** Reception No:…

John Winslow

July 18, 2018

Rental-shoe-dropping silence

Rental-shoe-dropping silence. The sound you are not hearing is the other shoe dropping regarding the local rental housing market. For several years, even some industry leaders have been projecting that Denver’s bull market for rental units was going to run out of steam. With an apartment crane seemingly on every block, overbuilding would lead to…

John Rebchook

July 16, 2018

Washington Park/Speer Blvd. location draws $10.5 million

Denver County Property Location: Northwest corner E. Third Ave. & Logan St., (325-355 Logan St.), Denver Property Description: Land value, 171 units planned, including 92 one-bedroom units, 74 two-bedrooms and five three-bedroom units, with 245 parking spaces Land Size: 44,082 sf Sales Price: $10.5M, or $238.19 psf, or $61,403 per buildable unit Reception No.: 2018078263 Closing Date: 6/25…

John Winslow

July 13, 2018

Capitol Hill apartments snagged by longtime Denver family for $6.2 million

Denver County Property Location: 900 E. Eighth Ave., Denver Property Description: 28-unit, three-story apartment, 22,009 sf, YOC 1947, brick construction (11 one-bedrooms units, 17 two-bedroom/one-bath units) Land Size: 25,000 sf Sales Price: $6.23M, or $230,556 per unit or Reception No.: 2018080093 Closing Date: 6/28 Grantor: Garr Investment Corp (Margaret G. Holcomb, pres.) Grantee: The Don Edward LLC…

John Winslow

July 12, 2018